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Accounting Services for Optometry Practices

We know that many optometry providers actually run two businesses: the clinical practice and a retail optics boutique. Burkeen Clagg Bartel, PLLC specializes in the optometry industry, so we understand the complex and time-consuming nature of your accounting processes. Optometrist, eye care specialist, and ophthalmologist are responsible for an important part of every person’s life, maintaining the health of one of the five senses… while Burkeen Clagg Bartel, PLLC is responsible for making that easier for you to do, by helping you care for the vision you have for your practice.

Our team of professionals offers extensive experience in both health provider and retail categories. Specializing in your industry and having served numerous optometry practices with full-scale accounting support, we are intimately familiar with your day-to-day operations, billing routine, appropriate tax deductions, bookkeeping procedures, and much more. Our team is also dedicated to consistently educating ourselves on industry trends in order to consistently help you mitigate your tax burden and improve your bottom line.

What do you want to be known for: how you handle your back-office operations or your interaction with your patients? Burkeen Clagg Bartel knows the answer, so let us excel in handling your bookkeeping, payroll and tax planning and preparation. As a team, we want to partner with you to make your business successful as well as make your job simpler. Whether you need professional support, healthy financial planning, tax preparation, organization of financials or a combination of it all, our team can meet your needs with our BOSS™ approach!

BOSS back office support system

Back Office Support System (BOSS™), is the platform we use to offer you a secure solution to all your accounting needs. We use a cloud-based network to provide convenient relaying of information and enabling all parties to access information when needed.

Burkeen Clagg Bartel, PLLC strives to offer the most effective services to optometrists. These services range from accounting, taxation and business coaching services including:

  • Start‐up business advice for optometrists

  • Advice and establishment of your business structure

  • Advice and assistance with the purchase or sale of your optometry business

  • Tax & business registrations

  • Preparation of business plans, cash flow forecasts and profit projections

  • Accounting software selection and training – bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll etc.

  • Bookkeeping and payroll solutions

  • Tax planning strategies benchmarking and KPI management

  • Wealth creation strategies and financial planning services

  • Business succession planning

Four fast tips for work life balance

It takes time and dedication to have a successful practice and most tax and accounting services do not understand the importance of having a collaboration with their clients. Our goal, through coaching, creating space and having simplicity, is to make you a better business owner and have a successful practice! At our office, we value work-life balance and we want that for you, our client.

  • Hire Burkeen Clagg Bartel, PLLC

  • Let Burkeen Clagg Bartel take care of your BOSS™

  • Go home when your business closes

  • Enjoy not worrying about your accounting needs (we’ve got it handled!)

Have you ever considered that hiring the right CPA could lead to opportunities for growth in your business that you may have never considered! So, what should you be considering when looking for a new CPA? Perhaps financial planning or improving your cash flow; what about guidance in applying for a loan or building partnerships. Burkeen Clagg Bartel can not only guide you in all of these but also help you see more beneficial ways to improve and grow your business. Why not hire a CPA who not only knows the best way to help your business but also wants to help you become the best business you can?

At Burkeen Clagg Bartel, we are experienced working in the optometry industry and we have multiple certified accountants at our firm. We can set fees based on the services you need while striving to give you the best level of service you deserve. BCB knows how important you are to your business and how important we can be to your business as well. We know that an accountant is more than just taxes… so let us help you analyze your financial data so you can get back to running your business.

Be assured that Burkeen Clagg Bartel, PLLC continually stays up to date on all tax laws and regulations that are pertinent to your optometric business. Our goal is to not only serve you well but also get you the information that you need to serve your business best. We process financial planning and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to help us work with you to improve your bottom line. We know that depending on your demographic, your KPI can differ from others around you and we want to make sure to set primary goals that best fit our advisory services for your optometry business. Did you know that KPI’s can easily improve when checked and measured monthly? BCB uses KPI’s to help identify specific areas that need help, as we collect the data so you don’t have to spend time on this aspect. With this data, we can establish quantitative improvements needed for your operations.